Season Pass FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ page is designed to help you navigate the details of our 2021/2022 season passes, including the Power Pass — the most powerful pass in the Southwest. The Power Pass offers unrestricted winter access to more than 4,000 acres in Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Plus, enjoy access to the country’s only year-round, lift-served mountain bike park in Texas: Spider Mountain. This pass not only delivers your home mountain but your weekend trips, too.

2020/2021 Season Passes

Q: Did the prices increase over last year?

A: Nearly all season passes are the same price over last year. The adult Power Pass is the same introductory rate ($699) and every Power Pass Select, Parent Transferable and Weekday pass are the same price over last year, too. FREE passes are still offered for Super Seniors (80+) and Power Kids. NEW! All kids 12 & under receive a FREE season pass (up from 10 & under last season).

Q: I didn’t think pass prices were changing at all over last year?

A: Nearly every Purgatory season pass is the same price as last year. Those few passes that did increase went up by $75 or less — that’s less than the price of one lift ticket!

Q: How much are lift tickets this season?

A: This winter, all lift tickets will be sold online and there will be no “window rate.” Tickets will go on sale in October, and a major goal of our pricing this season will be to help anticipate and spread out demand. On peak days, expect to see higher rates due to increased demand, and conversely, expect to see much lower pricing on weekdays and other non-peak time periods.

Q: Why should I buy a season pass if lift tickets can be so low?

A: A season pass remains the best value for anyone who will ski at least 6 days. Power Pass resorts have not required reservations for passholders, which means you have the freedom to ski whenever you want. Plus, a pass means you don’t have to pick your dates and lock them in early for a low rate. Don’t forget: when you use our no-interest payment plan, your monthly payments may be less than the cost of a single lift ticket.

Q: Are you going to offer college discounts?

A: Great news! The Power Pass and Power Pass Select offer special discounted pricing to young adults based on age (starting at age 18), not college credit.

Q: Why am I signing a summer activity waiver form when I didn't select the summer option?

A: The 2021/2022 Power Pass includes complimentary unlimited access to Spider Mountain Bike Park through April 30, 2022. Power Passholders will also receive 3 FREE days of mountain bike uplifts at each park — Purgatory Resort, Pajarito Mountain and Brian Head Resort — for the 2021 summer season!


Picking Up Your Pass

Q: Can I have my pass mailed to me?

A: Yes! Simply select the “shipping” option at checkout.

Q: When and where can I pick up my pass?

A: Please check back later for more information on picking up your season pass.

Q: I’d like to talk with someone about my season pass. Who should I contact?

A: Please email [email protected].

Q: Where can I buy my season pass online?

Q: Will I be able to use the same photo as last year?

A: Anyone 17 or younger will need a new photo every year.  Anyone ages 18 and older can use their old pass photo as long as it is a passport-like photo and meets our photo criteria.


Payment Plan

Q: What’s the season pass payment plan?

A: Our payment plan is available on every pass. When you choose the payment plan, there is no interest, and your pass price is divided into equal monthly payments. Equal amounts are automatically charged on the 30th of each month. By November 30, 2021, your pass is paid in full. Learn more.

You can use your pass anytime while you’re still paying for it.

Q: Do I still get the same benefits if I choose the payment plan, rather than paying it all at once?

A: Yes. Enjoy all the benefits of being a season passholder while you’re paying for your pass.

Q: Is there interest or a finance charge when I choose to pay with the payment plan?

A: There is no interest when you choose to pay with the new payment plan. Payments that are declined will be charged a $20 administrative fee per incident.

Q: How can I update my credit card on file?

A: You can update your card info online here.


Season Pass Refund Option

Q: How do I request the refund using the Refund Option?

A: “Send an email to [email protected] with an image, scan, or attachment that includes the required documentation of meeting one of the listed conditions for a Refund.

Q: Is my season pass refundable?

A: Season passes are non-refundable unless the Season Pass Refund Option is selected at the time of purchase.

Definitions & Restrictions 

Q: What are the age definitions for each pass?

A: Here is a list of the ages for each the Power Pass:

Adult Power Pass is for ages 37-64 (at time of purchase).

Young Adult Power Pass (30-36) is for ages 30-36 (at time of purchase).

Young Adult Power Pass (25-29) is for ages 25-29 (at time of purchase).

Young Adult Power Pass (19-24) is for ages 19-24 (at time of purchase).

Youth Power Pass is for ages 11-18 (at time of purchase).

Senior Power Pass is for guests ages 65-79 (at time of purchase).

Super Senior Power Pass is for guests age 80+ and is FREE for the 2021/2022 season!

Power Kids Pass is for guests ages 12 and younger (a proof of age is required for pass pick-up).

Q: What is the Weekday Pass?

A: Weekday passholders ski Monday to Friday. If weekday passholders would like to ski and ride on weekends, holidays and blackout dates, they will receive 20% off window rate lift tickets. Also, ski and ride early season and extended season weekend-only dates. Blackout dates: 12/27/21-12/31/21.

Q: How does the Parent Share Pass work?

A: The Parent Share Pass is exclusively for parents of kids ages 3 and younger (a birth certificate is required when you pick up your pass). Gone are the days when you had to buy *two* lift tickets or *two* season passes during a season when parents spend most of their time splitting their time on the slopes (one parent skis while the other watches the future ripper). This pass allows two parents to share one pass for use at different times. Save 20% off one full day, adult lift ticket when both parents hit the slopes on the same day. Not eligible for partner resort benefits.

Q: I want to get a Power Pass for my 80-year-old neighbor. Can I do that?

A: Yes! Just select the Super Senior Power Pass — anyone 80 and older can take advantage of this FREE pass.


Optional Summer Passes

Q: Does my season pass come with summer benefits?

A: The Power Pass now comes with 3 FREE days of mountain bike uplifts at three of our parks: Purgatory Resort, Pajarito Mountain and Brian Head Resort, and unlimited access to  Spider Mountain through April 30. 2022. Guests also have the option to add on the Summer Adventure Pass or the Mountain Bike Power Pass to their Power Pass. 


Active Duty Military Pass

Q: Who qualifies for the active duty military season pass?

A: A person who is currently serving on active duty is in the military full-time (serving on Title 10 orders for 30 days or more). This includes anyone currently serving in the:

  • U.S. Army 
  • U.S. Navy 
  • U.S. Air Force
  • Marine Corps 
  • Coast Guard

This product does not apply to dependents, veterans or retired personnel. A person in the Reserve or National Guard is not full-time active duty military personnel and is excluded from this discounted product.

Q: I’m not on active duty, but I did serve in the military. Why don’t I get a discount?

A: We want to honor and show appreciation for those who are currently serving. We recognize and are grateful for the contribution and sacrifice our reservists, retirees, veterans and dependents have made and continue to make. However, we’ve made the decision to limit this offer to active duty at this time.

Q: Why can’t I get my active duty military pass shipped to me?

A: We require proof of eligibility before we issue this pass and, at this time, this needs to be done in person.

Q: How do I prove eligibility?

A: Below is a list of approved forms of military identification:

  • Active duty military ID
  • Valid active duty orders
  • Official letter on letterhead from your commander verifying your service
  • LES dated within 90 days

Q: I don’t have any of the approved forms of military identification. How can I get my pass?

A: All military organizations give its members some kind of official document that we’ll accept, but in the event you are unable to provide us with an acceptable proof of affiliation, we will not be able to verify you and cannot offer you access to the discounted military pass.

Q: Are there blackout dates on the military pass?

A: Yes. To keep this pass as discounted as possible, we have blacked out peak holiday periods: 12/26/21 – 1/1/22, 1/15/22-1/16/22 & 2/19/22-2/20/22

Q: What if I want to ski on a blackout date? Can I get a discounted lift ticket?

A: You will need to purchase a lift ticket to ski on a blackout date. We do not offer military discounts on lift tickets.

Q: Does the active duty military pass offer any benefits, like discounted tickets to share with friends?

A: No, the active duty military pass offers direct to lift access only — no additional benefits.


Additional Benefits

Q: What benefits come on my season pass?

A: It depends on which pass you purchase. Pass benefits are summarized on the season passes page. Power Passholders are eligible for winter and summer discounts including deals on food & beverage items, discounted lift tickets and more! 


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