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The Fun Fund

Your purchase of three* or more consecutive days of lift tickets now comes with a FREE $20 resort credit for each day you ski or ride!

This season, spend more time on the slopes and around the resort enjoying your favorite winter pastimes. When you purchase three* or more consecutive days of lift tickets, you will receive a FREE $20 resort credit for each day of your visit that can be redeemed anywhere at the resort — including restaurants, retail outlets, activities, and more! To receive the resort credit you have to have 3 or more consecutive dates within a valid date range (see below). If you have additional dates that do not fall within our promotional dates you will not receive a credit for those days. The 3+ consecutive day ticket purchase must be in one purchase, reservation, or transaction, to receive the Fun Fund. You cannot add a 3rd day in a separate reservation, even if consecutive, with another reservation. 

*A 4+ day commitment is required for ski days starting from Sunday, March 13 to Wednesday, March 16.

Valid on Select Dates

  • February 28-April 3, 2022
    *A 4+ day commitment is required for ski days starting from Sunday, March 13 to Wednesday, March 16.

How It Works

Guests will receive their resort credit via email at 5am the day before your visit. A minimum of $60 will be provided for those who purchased the three consecutive days. From there, an additional $20 will be included in the resort credit total. In order to redeem this credit, you must display the email that you received. Your credit is not on your purgatory card.

  • 3 days consecutive lift tickets = $60
  • 4 days consecutive lift tickets = $80
  • 5 days consecutive lift tickets = $100


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Ways to Spend

3 Days ($60)

4 Days ($80)

5 Days ($100)

Fun Fund FAQs

Q: When do I receive my Fun Fund credit?

A: You will receive your credit via email at 5am on the first day of your ticketed visit.

Q: Can I use my 25% passholder discount on top of the Fun Fund?

A: No, tickets purchased with the passholder discount are not eligible for the Fun Fund credit. 25% passholder 1 day tickets, even if consecutive, but on separate reservations, do not qualify for Fun Funds. Discounts and promotions cannot be combined.

Q: Can I select days on either side of the Fun Fund date range and still receive the $20 credit?

A: You can still purchase tickets for days on either side of the Fun Fund dates, but you will only receive a $20 credit per day for the days within the Fun Fund date range.

Q: Do my tickets need to be consecutive, or can I purchase three or more separate dates within the Fun Fund date range?

A: In order to receive the Fun Fund credit, your tickets must be consecutive dates.

Q: When is a 4+ day commitment required as opposed to the 3+ day?

A: The only time you will need to purchase 4+ consecutive tickets to qualify for the Fun Fund is from Sunday, March 13 to Wednesday, March 16.

Q: At what establishments does my Fun Fund credit work?

A: Your credit is valid at all Purgatory-owned outlets such as Purgatory Snowcat Adventures, Purgatory Sports, The Board Room and our Food & Beverage outlets. Credit is not redeemable at Mother Cline Liquor, Twilight Toys or Durango Hot Springs & Spa at Purgatory Resort.

Q: Can I use my Fun Fund credit on lessons and rentals?

A: We do not recommend using your credit on lessons and rentals since these services require an advanced reservation.

Q: Can I use my Fun Fund credit to purchase additional lift tickets online?

A: Yes! Just note that you will not receive your credit until 5am the day of your first ticketed date. If you would like to purchase lift tickets using your credit, we recommend purchasing tickets for a future date at least seven days in advance to ensure the best price.

Q: Can I use my Fun Fund credit to book a lodging reservation?

A: No, Fun Fund credits cannot be applied to future lodging reservations.

Q: When does my credit expire?

A: Your credit is valid for redemption through April 3, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. MST.

Q: Do I have to use my credit during my visit?

A: Nope! You can redeem your credit anytime between your visit and the April 3, 2022 expiration date (see above).


Terms & Conditions

Resort credit is emailed to the purchaser at 5 am on the morning of first ticketed day. Valid for redemption through April 3, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. MST. You may redeem this Resort Credit at www.purgatory.skishop.purgatory.skistore.purgatory.skifood.purgatory.ski, or on-site at Purgatory Resort. Credit only valid at Purgatory owned outlets. Credit valid on new purchases only and cannot be applied to past reservations. Exclusions apply: Not redeemable at Durango Hot Springs and Spa at Purgatory Resort, Snowmobile Adventures, Twilight Toys, or Mother Cline Liquor Store. Credit cannot be used as a deposit via OpenTable for on-mountain dining. Credit cannot be used for paid parking. This Resort Credit is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferable. Replacements will not be issued. PLEASE TREAT THIS RESORT CREDIT LIKE CASH AND SAFEGUARD IT ACCORDINGLY.