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Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard

Do you have what it takes?

The Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard is the perfect opportunity for summer season passholders to gain bragging rights among your friends. Make sure your summer pass is scanned when you load the lift – we’ll take care of tracking your daily count and vertical feet.

Think you have what it takes to hold the Number One spot? See who’s racking up days and vert below. The top rider from each category will win their choice of a pair of sunglasses or goggles from SPY.


Top 50 Riders

NamePassTotal DaysVertical Feet
TREMAINE E.24348700100212103845
NEIL C.2527930010021084280
TRAVIS G.2563080010021064715
DYLAN L.8623095002960200
PAUL M.33016090002657190
STREATER N.261310001002952675
BLAKE S.32569092002948160
ANDREW L.33041090002642140
COLE F.32587092002640635
ART Z.27171092002639130
CAIDEN H.123740810021037625
ASHER H.27835044002931605
STEPHEN B.32571092002631605
CEDRIC R.245332001002530100
WILLIAM A.32458092002528595
ZACH M.32634092002428595
KAHLIL K.261346001002428595
EMILE S.32632092002427090
BEN F.10995608001002327090
ANDREW B.248279001002425585
TONY J.11008985001002425585
RICH C.28325092002425585
PETER K.34825044002625585
GUEST OF P.28019092002524080
JEREMY B.258392001002524080
FINN G.31898092002524080
BENJAMIN B.11008876001002324080
ETHAN W.10735582001002524080
VINCENT H.11111006002522575
BEN W.32473092002722575
MARC H.255655001002622575
STORM P.28391092002422575
GUEST OF P.28021092002321070
OPAL B.28327092002421070
ALEXANDER V.258544001002321070
LANCE G.255490001002321070
JACK W.32646092002421070
PETER K.7167095002521070
BILL T.11009326001002221070
MICHAEL R.252044001002521070
JED L.11003771001002221070
TYLER W.11005547001002421070
MATTHEW K.11003979001002219565
KATHRYN W.10994707001002319565
MATTHEW W.10994709001002319565
Taylor R.10997110001002219565
ANDREW D.11009363001002319565
MAX M.8617095002619565
WYATT M.8616095002518060
GUNNAR E.33037090002318060
Updated at: July 06 2022 7:30 pm