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Plan Your Vacation

We believe in skiing. 2021/2022 season passes on sale now! Sale ends August 27.

The Power Pass, comes with unlimited skiing at Purgatory, Hesperus, Snowbowl, Brian Head, Sipapu, Pajarito and Nordic Valley — plus unlimited uplift access at Spider Mountain Bike Park through April 30, 2022.

Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard

Do you have what it takes?

The Purgatory Bike Park Leaderboard is the perfect opportunity for summer season passholders to gain bragging rights among your friends. Make sure your summer pass is scanned when you load the lift – we’ll take care of tracking your daily count and vertical feet.

Think you have what it takes to hold the Number One spot? See who’s racking up days and vert below. The top rider from each category will win their choice of a pair of sunglasses or goggles from SPY.


Top 50 Riders

NamePassTotal DaysVertical Feet
STORM P.2839109200220144480
NEIL C.2527940010021778260
ANDRA P.2611790010021076755
RICH C.283250920021157190
BRADEN W.244495001002949665
ROBERT Z.260319001002848160
TREMAINE E.243488001002946655
TRAVIS G.256309001002743645
ANDREW L.29298090002742140
ROB N.284630920021139130
JEREMY B.258392001002739130
DOMINIC L.249308001002837625
JAMES I.29300090002534615
BRANDON W.261132001002633110
HENRY H.11353006002633110
PAUL M.28378092002730100
JACKSON H.28337092002827090
ROBERT B.28367092002827090
LEILA F.287930900021027090
WILLIAM F.2470230010021027090
STREATER N.24851044002725585
MICHAEL R.20547044002725585
HENRY N.258469001002824080
ALEXANDER V.258544001002724080
TATE R.28442092002624080
BODIN A.28321092002822575
JASON H.242787001002422575
AUDREY R.22373044002721070
RYAN S.257319001002521070
DYLAN T.250548001002521070
JEREMY C.10734989001002619565
HENRY H.11352006002419565
RICHIE P.5590095002519565
CHAD C.10734809001002318060
TREMAINE E.243487001002318060
CODY W.247850001002518060
LOGAN J.258482001002418060
BENJAMIN B.253899001002516555
LEO S.248928001002716555
TITUS W.247854001002416555
MIKE W.244493001002616555
FANG H.10734901001002316555
TREVOR O.11323006002416555
DILLON B.18716044002216555
SKYLER T.19621044002516555
JOHN B.5652095002516555
GUEST OF P.29194090002515050
ANGELA V.28573090002615050
CEDRIC R.17707044002415050
JASON H.242783001002315050
Updated at: September 20 2021 7:30 pm