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Durango Hot Springs Spa at Durango Mountain Club

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To ensure availability for your preferred services and time, we recommend booking in advance. All services are reserved specifically for you. A valid credit card is required to hold your reservation and we require a 24-hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid a full fee charge to your account. Please call 970-247-0111 to book your spa services.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete your intake and begin the relaxation process. As a courtesy to the next guest, all treatments will end at the designated time. Should you arrive late for your appointment, you will be deprived of valuable treatment time and responsible for the full cost of your service. 


The Durango Hot Springs Spa at Durango Mountain Club is a place to invite peace and relaxation. To ensure we maintain a tranquil environment for each guest, we kindly request you refrain from using your cell phone and keep conversations to a minimum.


We provide our guests with robes and sandals for use in the outside hot tub and pool; however, please note that you must arrive early if you would like to soak to ensure you do not run late for your service and lose valuable treatment time. 


All guests must be at least 18 years of age to have a private spa treatment. Spa services for those under 18 are provided at our discretion and may require a parent or legal guardian to be present.


Your spa experience and comfortability are of the utmost importance to us. Please communicate with your spa professional any details that can enhance your treatment; from the depth of pressure, temperature, or any matter that may arise.


For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be added to the treatment prices upon check-out. Additional gratuities for exceptional service may be added at your discretion.


We require a 24-hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid a full fee charge to your account.


SWEDISH – The Swedish massage applies long, light strokes designed for circulation and vitality to ease tired muscles and promote relaxation for a soothing and refreshing experience. The pressure is light to medium.

50 min $120 / 80 min $160

DEEP TISSUE – Deep Tissue massage facilitates muscle recovery by utilizing therapeutic strokes and deep compression to release tight muscles and/or pressure points, increase circulation, relieve tension and promote relaxation for a wonderful harmonizing massage. This massage is designed to bring relief resulting from exercise or adventuring by supporting an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.

50 min $135 / 80 min $175

ANIMAS RIVER STONE THERAPY – Melt into relaxation with this rhythmic and healing massage. Hot stones help infuse therapeutic essential oils into your muscles, while the heat works deep into the muscles to decrease stagnation and improve circulation with definitive massage strokes for an overall soothing, healing, and rejuvenating experience. 

50 min $135 / 80 min $185

MOUNTAIN ATHLETES’ RESCUE – Highly recommended for athletes needing the perfect reward for tired muscles after a day of exploring the slopes. This intense massage applies a CBD + Arnica oil and uses deep deliberate strokes, compression, and stretching to promote flexibility, circulation, muscle lengthening, and restoration. 

50 min $135 / 80 min $185

REFLEXOLOGY – Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy that the bottom of the feet is a map of the whole body; this healing treatment will increase the energy flow and invite balance throughout your entire body. Our highly trained practitioners have extensive knowledge and understanding of corresponding pressure points in the feet to help activate circulation, elimination, and soothe internal organs throughout this invigorating session. You will begin with a revitalizing and exfoliating foot scrub, followed by your customized session using a therapeutic foot cream designed to address your specific needs. 

50 min $120 


COLORUP CBD SPOT TREATMENT SALVE– This award-winning CBD and Arnica salve is applied to specific areas of concern to invite a decrease in inflammation and pain.  


COLORUP CBD FULL BODY TREATMENT – Allow this CBD Lotion or Oil to create an overall blissful state while also supporting a reduction in pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms for an overall relaxing state. 



These treatments are designed to enhance and customize your massage, body indulgence, or facial! Please note these enhancements do not add time to your service. 

$25 each 

HOT OIL HAIR & SCALP MASSAGE – Restore hydration and luster to your hair and scalp with this warming oil infused with nourishing ingredients and invigorating essential oils. Relax and breathe deeply as a stimulating pressure point scalp massage infuses warm oil into your hair and scalp. 

REVIVING FOOT RITUAL – Relieve tired, aching feet with this relaxing foot treatment. An aromatic massage oil infused with Avocado, Bergamot, Cardamom, and Jasmine will stimulate circulation to relieve tension in the soles of the feet while a coffee and almond scrub infused with caffeine will help alleviate tension, puffiness, and swelling.

7-MINUTE MAKEOVER – A bubbling black oak charcoal fiber mask infused with a supercharged serum of neroli, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, lemon, grapefruit, mytrillus, and comfrey detoxifies, brightens, and hydrates. This no-slip, single-use mask delivers a facial in minutes; gently foams away unwanted surface build-up while oxygenating for a soothing and hydrating result that leaves skin fresher, brighter, and more revitalized. 

UNDER EYE RESCUE – This 100% biodegradable, Lyocell fiber eye contour mask is infused with an active serum of hyaluronate, peptides/amino acids, and natural root extracts. It is the perfect antidote for environmentally or lifestyle stressed eyes. This single-use mask depuffs, decongests, and hydrates the delicate eye area to restore a brighter, refreshed, and more lifted look.

Call 970-247-0111 to book your spa services today!