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Rentals at Purgatory Resort

UPDATE: If equipment rental or time options are not available in our online store rentals are sold out. Consider renting skis at Purgatory Sports in Durango (located at 2615 Main Avenue) or visit the rental desk upon your arrival at the resort. Thank you for your understanding.

rentals expert edge

Purgatory offers ski and snowboard rentals for all ability levels.

Hours for Fitting: 8am – 4:30pm

Accepting Returns until 5:00pm

Purgatory Rentals is a full-service rental shop featuring convenient slopeside pick-up and drop-off.

Booking your equipment online in advance is required. Questions about rental equipment? Call (970) 385-2182 or email [email protected].

If there’s snow heading our way, please build in extra time for snowy travel.


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Daily Rental Rates

2021/2022 Daily Rental Rates

Rental Type

Rental Rate

Basic Ski $40
Performance Ski

Demo Ski Package (Available at Expert Edge)



Child Ski (4yr – 12yr) $32
Adult Basic Snowboard $43
Adult Performance Snowboard

Demo Snowboard Package (Available at The Board Room)



Child Snowboard $30
Helmets – Child & Adult $15

*We no longer offer Ski Bike rentals, sorry for the inconvenience.



First Day at Purgatory?

For more information, call (970) 385-2182, email [email protected] or check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make ski or snowboard rental reservations?

A:Resort rental reservations must be made online at least 48 hours prior to your arrival date to ensure we have equipment available. In person rental payments are not available. All rental reservations must be purchased online. Rentals at our Downtown Purgatory Sports location are only available for in person purchase, and are available on a first come, first serve basis only. Demo skis and snowboards at Expert Edge and The Board Room are only available for in person purchase, and are available on a  first come, first serve basis only. 

Q: What do I need as proof of payment to pick up my rentals?

A: All you need is a form of identification & your confirmation number.

Q: When should I get my rentals?

A:Please be here within the time slot that you reserved for your rental. If you have a lesson, book your time slot early, if not the day before.

Q: Can I pick up my rentals the day before?

A: Yes! You can book your rentals for the next day from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. We highly recommend picking up your equipment the day before to avoid the morning rush, especially during the busy Christmas and spring break seasons. It is more relaxing to stand in line in the afternoon when you are not sweating in ski gear, hurrying to ride the first chair or trying to get to lessons on time. There is no extra charge for this convenience.

Q: Where do I pick up my equipment?

A: If you made a reservation for your equipment, then it must be picked up at our on-mountain location on the 2nd level of the Village Center building (enter slopeside by lift 4). Walk-ins are accepted at Expert Edge, The Board Room and our Downtown Purgatory Sports location at 2615 Main Ave.

Q: What time do the rental locations close in the evenings?

A: The on-mountain rental shop does afternoon fittings until 4:30pm. You MUST be in the door by 4:30pm. We accept rental returns until 5pm. Expert Edge and The Board Room are open until 5PM. Our Purg Sports downtown location is open from 8am-6pm, 7 days a week.

Q: Do I rent the boots, bindings and poles separately?

A: No, they come as a package with the skis and snowboards (snowboarders don’t get poles)!

Q: Can I pick up equipment for my family?

A: No, we personally fit each person with their equipment so we need each person in the shop.

Q: I have my own boots/skis/board. Can I rent just skis/board or boots?

A: This season, we will not offer boot only rentals at the on resort Rental Shop.

Q: My boots are 20 yrs old but I’ve only skied in them 5 times. They are so comfy! Are they still good?

A: No matter how boots have been treated, after 10yrs the plastic starts to degrade. They can fall apart on you as you are skiing down the hill. We’ve seen it happen numerous times. For your safety, we recommend that you (but don’t force you to) rent newer boots. The technology has also changed for the better and your feet and knees will thank you.

Q: Can I reserve a specific model of ski or snowboard?

A: No, you can only reserve the category of skis/boards. We only have one option in our basic and performance ski categories. If you are renting from the performance snowboard category, then you can discuss with your tech and choose which skis would be the best option for you. You can request a specific model at the Expert Edge demo shop or The Board Room. Reservations at these two locations are only accepted 24hrs in advance of your first ski/ride day, and must be made with a phone call to (970)385-2181. Our downtown store does not accept reservations.

Q: Can I trade my snowboard in for skis (or vice versa) if I want to switch?

A: We are not allowing trades of equipment types this season unless a separate reservation exists.

Q: Can I store my rental equipment overnight at the base of the mountain? Where do I put my street shoes and lunch?

A: Daily lockers are available in the Village Center building. Please follow the protocols of use to limit gathering and exposure. If possible, we highly recommend storing your personal belongings in your car and eating lunch at your vehicle or lodging location. Purgatory does offer overnight storage for Skis/ Poles and Boards. Overnight storage is $10 per set per night.

Q: What type of clothing should I wear?

A: Layering is the key. The weather can change at a moment’s notice. Come prepared for anything. Start with long underwear, ski socks (only one pair), then a warm, comfortable layer, all covered with waterproof, insulated coat, pants, gloves, hat and goggles or sunglasses. It’s a good idea to have an extra pair of socks, sweater, neck gaiter or scarf on hand. Try not to allow yourself to get too cold or too hot and sweaty. Jeans are a definite no-no. You may even be ridiculed!

Q: Do you rent ski clothing and accessories?

A: No, we do not rent ski clothing or accessories such as goggles or gloves. They can be purchased at Purgatory Sports one level below us.

Q: Can I get sunburned during the winter?

A: YES — sunscreen is your friend. Don’t be caught without it! The sun reflects off of the snow worse than water. New research confirms that the higher the altitude — the quicker the burn. Sunglasses or goggles are also a must in order to avoid snow blindness.

Q: I always feel nauseated my first ski day. What can I do to prevent this?

A: This suggests a mild form of altitude sickness. It will help to drink plenty of water in the days prior to your arrival at higher altitudes. There is an oxygen bar located in the lower level of Purgatory Lodge that can be helpful for some people.

Q: What happens if I damage my rental equipment?

A: When you purchase a damage waiver, you are covered within reason for any accidental damage caused to your equipment. If you do not purchase a damage waiver, you are then liable for the repair cost of the equipment.

Q: Do you offer an in-room rental service?

A: Sorry, not yet.