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Stay safe out on the slopes

A woman in ski patrol gear skis down a slope
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At Purgatory Resort, we live to give our guests the freedom to ski, and a big part of that is making sure they stay safe out on the slopes. That’s why our Ski Patrol team has adopted a new search and rescue technology called AirFlare to support our patrol operations.

AirFlare offers another touch point in mountain safety. By downloading the AirFlare app, if you were to get hurt or lost on the slopes, AirFlare provides Purgatory Ski Patrol with an additional method to locate you quickly and effectively. Our patrol team has adopted AirFlare Search Technology as part of their ongoing effort to promote mountain safety and awareness.

By leveraging the cell phone already in your pocket, AirFlare is a low-cost, easy-to-use tool you don’t need to remember to pack. AirFlare works with limited or no cell service, extends off-grid battery life to a week or longer and you don’t even need to open it before you head out.

AirFlare is most effective as a mobile app that helps Patrol quickly determine a guest’s exact location on the mountain if they are in need of assistance. While the technology can still help our patrol teams find people whether or not the guest has the AirFlare app downloaded, the technology is a lot more powerful when they do.


  • Automatic location return to patrol in an emergency
  • Self-help features that make it easier to request assistance from patrol or 911
  • Location Sharing feature to help ski partners stay connected and to respond quickly and appropriately if a ski partner gets separated.

If you have any questions about privacy and security, please see the FAQs and Privacy Policy on the AirFlare website:

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