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The sun set casts golden light on Spud Mountain as viewed from the chair lift
A man skis through a forest

We are committed to forest health. 

  • We promote a healthy forest through careful management.
  • Our resorts offer recreation opportunities that encourage forest diversity.
  • Most of our resorts operate in partnership with the United States Forest Service and, together, we help maintain, enhance and restore healthy forest conditions.
  • Our glading methods have forest health benefits. 
  • Our ski trails create natural wildfire prevention barriers. 
  • We are actively working to responsibly eradicate harmful bugs and reduce infestation, which destroys forests.

We are committed to water supply resiliency.

  • All of our resorts are located in the Southwest and drought is a natural threat to our operations.
  • The trail work we do every year results in increases in the water supply of our watersheds and aquifers.
  • We’ve held leadership roles on the Climate Control Committee within Colorado Ski Country USA and, together, with resorts across the state, we’ve committed to:
Snowmaking machine spraying snow

The Cutthroat Trail Project

The Cutthroat Trail Project is possible with support from the San Juan Stewardship Fund, which is a partnership between the Nation Forest Foundation, Purgatory Resort and the San Juan National Forest.

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