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Purgatory employees go through safety training in the plaza

About Purgatory

Like Durango, 25 miles down the road, Purgatory Resort is renowned for being the real deal. There’s no pretense here. Purg offers a bona fide, au natural, al fresco mountain experience fit for the whole family. Save your boots-with-the-fur for the ritzier, glitzier ski hills; Southwest Colorado is all about nitty, gritty good times! Check your ego at the Beach and settle into the six pack, ready to touch nirvana at Purgatory Resort. 

Working At Purg

Are you looking for a job that feeds your curiosity and connects you to the great outdoors in a meaningful way? Do you enjoy working with likeminded colleagues in a sunshine-fueled environment? Turn your passion into a paycheck at Purgatory Resort.

We look at this business a little differently from other ski resorts. When some ski areas decide to close, we stay open. While some ski areas pick the same opening and closing dates year after year, we strive to become the first to open and the last to close. We are comfortable with making hard decisions, especially when those choices are in favor of giving our guests the freedom to ski.

Sound like your kind of place? Check out our employment opportunities and apply for something you’re interested in. If you get stuck or have questions, you can always reach our helpful Human Resources team at [email protected] or by calling (970) 385-2162

Skier in the trees enjoys fresh tracks at Purgatory Resort

Our Purpose

Give people the freedom to ski

Purgatory Resort was built more than 50 years ago on a spirit of community, camaraderie, and collaboration. Today, that same energy infuses everything we do, from curating unforgettable alpine adventures to how we take care of our valued employees

Our purpose is our North Star, something we’ll always chase. This purpose is paramount to our company and it’s one that all of us adopt and relentlessly pursue.

Our People

Besides nurturing a culture of service and care for the families who visit us, we believe that you, our valued employees, deserve the best, whether you’re here for the season or for life.

Purgatory starts and ends with you and your family, your memories, your discovery, your growth, and your passion. Chase your dreams as you attain that irreplaceable peaceful, easy feeling revealed only in the mountains.

  • Employee group photo for the winter 23/24 season
  • Bike instructor leads the way at the Purgatory Skills Park
  • Purgatory Parks Crew works together to build the Pitchfork park
  • Purgatory employee turns through deep powder on a snowboard
  • bike rental shop
  • Slopes manager and team pose for a photo during hazardous tree removal and fire mitigation project
  • Purgatory lift operator smiles for the camera

Our Core Values

Mountain bike instructor leads the way down a berm in the trail


Lift operation employees working together on a summer day


Purg Parks crew works with hand tools to maintain bike trails


Our Culture statements

  • It guides everything we do.
    Family Matters
    Family mountain bikes down the Purgatory Bike Park together

    We understand the importance of family in our own lives and in the lives of others, and we make it a priority to model and encourage that commitment.

  • Serve. Make others better.
    Lead by Example

    We strive to model the behavior we want to see in our teams, and we inspire others with our thirst for excellence. We make time to help others, both inside and outside Purgatory.

  • Be restless. Climb your mountain.
    Be Curious

    We love a good challenge, and we have a saying around here: Fail Fast & Fail Forward. We start with an idea, test it, quickly identify what isn’t working, stop doing it, learn from the failure, change our attempt and try it again – never wavering to our commitment to the end goal: Constant Improvement.

  • Be there for your team. Go ski.
    Work Hard

    Every day we set out to create an incredible experience for our guests and for each other. We know when to put team priorities over our own, and we also know when to put skis on before anything else (the love of skiing is why we’re in this business after all).

  • Make it happen.
    Winning is Fun
    Deep powder

    We. Love. To. Win. Whether we’re meeting (and beating!) our team goals or improving our individual skills out on the slopes, we’re here to win. We’re big on finding wins and celebrating them. Winning really is fun! So we find ways to make it happen.

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