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REV Enduro Kicks Off with a Bang!

Yesterday marked the exhilarating start of this year’s REV Enduro series, and what an event it was!

The REV Enduro series is a fantastic opportunity for riders of all levels to get out there and test their mettle. Whether you’re a first-time racer, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned pro, there’s a place for you in this thrilling competition! Our bike park trails saw some fierce competition, and it was an absolute blast watching everyone rip it up.

A massive THANK YOU to all the participants for making the race such a success and to our on-mountain teams for making sure the trails were ready to rip! The results are in, and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone who competed. Here are the top finishers:

Open Women:

@mclarnon_mary – 17:40.26
@pella.ward – 17:44.75 (+0:04.49)
@porshamurdock – 17:46.52 (+0:06.26)
@maylei_826 – 17:53.44 (+0:13.18)
@fiona_the_bikergirl – 17:56.29 (+0:16.03)

Open Men:

@coltyyyp – 14:58.36
@maxsedlak27 – 14:59.55 (+0:01.19)
@jakekellr – 15:06.86 (+0:08.46)
@jpgreen154 – 15:13.49 (+0:15.13)
@trevor_mccutcheon – 15:14.75 (+0:16.39)

Power Pass Resorts