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Uncle clyde’s run and slide

Your racer pulls his tube up the hill at the Uncle Clyde's Run and Slide

Get ready for the whackiest race ever in Durango! It’s on the tubing hill. Run up… tube down. Repeat!

Most laps wins!

Oh, and it’s a relay race!


We provide the tubes. No need to bring your own.


Since it’s at Purgatory Resort, you know we will turn this thing into a party. We’ll be spinning tunes while you race, high-fiving you each time you pass through the transition area, and giving out cool prizes.


Feel free to wear one (Yeah, it’s that kind of race).

Two Heats:

We have a 60-minute heat beginning at 11am and a 90-minute heat at 12 noon. The 60-minute heat is recommended for kids, families, and less competitive folks. The 90-minute heat is recommended for anyone who wants the full suffer-fest.

No elbow-throwing in the 60-minute heat. No elbow-throwing in the 90-minute heat either, but we will permit some friendly shake-n-bake.

Race Morning Check-In:

Check-in opens 45 minutes before the race. Please be checked-in no later than 15 minutes before your race starts.

Check-in is located at the bottom of the Tubing Hill in the Columbine area.

Clothing & Footwear:

All participants should wear appropriate clothing and footwear for a cold-weather outdoor athletic event. Costumes are encouraged! YakTrax are permitted but not required.

Race Start Time:

The 60-minute race will start promptly at 11am. The 90-minute race starts at 12 noon.

The Rules:

The goal is for you and your teammate to complete as many laps as possible. You will run up the tubing hill (carrying a tube), then slide down on the tube. When you get to the bottom, you will hand the tube to your teammate in the transition area. Pretty simple.

We will count your number of COMPLETED laps. A partial lap at the end does not count.

You must alternate laps with your teammate for the first 30 minutes.

Safety First:

Before entering the tubing chute, please make sure that the chute is clear so you don’t crash into someone below you. Obey the instructions of the course marshals at all times. Failure to follow common-sense safety rules may result in disqualification.


We will award prizes to winning teams in each race category, as well as prizes for costumes, team spirit, and best cheering section.


Park in the Gelande lot (off Highway 550, about 600 yards before the entrance to the Resort).


It could snow. Or be 45 degrees and sunny. Either way, the race is on. The race director does reserve the right to cancel or modify the race if weather conditions make it unsafe

Race Course:

Competition Categories:

Team up with your best buddy for this tag-team style race. We will have male, female, and coed divisions for adult teams, as well as race categories for kids and parent/child teams. Teams must consist of two people in order to compete, but we will also allow three-person teams (like mom plus two kids) if you are just out for fun, not prizes and glory.


This event is limited to just 35 teams per heat, so sign up quick!

Note: Sign up ONCE per team. Your teammate does NOT have to sign up separately.

The beauty of Uncle Clyde’s Run & Slide is in its simplicity.  Teams complete as many up-down relay laps as they can on Purgatory’s tubing hill in 90 minutes.  It sounds ridiculous, possibly strenuous and undoubtedly fun.  Matthew Krichman, events manager at Purgatory Resort, answers a few questions about the upcoming event:

Matthew Krichman, events manager at Purgatory Resort, answers a few questions about the upcoming event:

Who is Uncle Clyde and why did you name this event after him?

Clyde is my dog, and I’ve always wanted to name a race after him because he’s an amazing runner.  And he’s a total goofball and loves the snow, so I thought this would be an appropriate event to put his name on.

How did you come up with the idea for Uncle Clyde’s Run & Slide?

At the Cardboard Derby last year,  I saw all the participants huffing and puffing as they dragged their derby racers up the hill, and I thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to watch people running laps on this hill with tubes?”

Who is this event geared towards?

Two different audiences: Endurance athletes who want to test their lungs and quads, and parent/kid teams and couples who just want to have a super fun time, be goofy, get some good exercise, and enjoy the excitement of the tubing hill.

What gear should participants bring with them?  

No gear required.  We provide the tubes.  All you need to bring is appropriate clothing and footwear, and of course a good attitude!

How should spectators dress? Participants?

Costumes! Other than that, it’s basically whatever you’re warm and comfortable in when exercising in the snow.

What can spectators expect to see at this event?  

This is a great spectator event because all of the action takes place right in front of you on the tubing hill.  We want lots of spectators at the base of the tubing hill cheering on the athletes as they pass through the transition area on each lap.

Will there be music or food at the event?

We’ll be spinning tunes to keep the runners and spectators pumped up, and roasting s’mores for everyone.

How are participants divided?

We have three open divisions for adults—men’s team, women’s team, and coed team.  The two other divisions are the parent/kid’s team and the kid’s team.

Do you expect the competition among endurance athletes will be fierce?

That’s the coolest thing about this event.  While lots of teams will be out there just to have a good time, I expect plenty will be really serious about winning.  After all, Durango is known for its endurance athletes, and since this is a first time event, someone is going to set a course record!

How will prizes be awarded? Can you give us a sneak peek of what prizes to expect?

Prizes will be awarded to winning teams in each division, plus prizes for costumes, enthusiasm, and best cheering section.