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Employee Shuttle Services

We are proud to be able to offer our employees transportation to and from the mountain. There are a number of pick-up and drop-off locations to choose from. Please find the Summer 2023 employee shuttle schedule listed below.

*Regarding the 24th Street shuttle stop: This stop is mostly for Motel Durango residents. Employees who walk to that stop are still welcome to catch the shuttle, but if you drive to the shuttle stop, please consider catching the shuttle at one of the other stops ( Durango Transit Center, North City Market or PJ ‘s Market). Parking is no longer allowed at the high school without a permit, and violators will be towed.

For more information, please contact Purgatory’s Transportation Department at (970) 426-7282, or email [email protected] 

Stops and Times

Employee shuttle services are now operation Friday – Sunday only
For the remainder of our summer season.

Shuttles arrive at the Purgatory Arrival Court in the morning at 9:25am and depart in the evening at 5:15pm.

Must show employee ID to ride

North City Market

AM Departure8:50am
PM Return5:45pm
Street parking available

24th Street

AM Departure8:45am
PM Return5:55pm
No parking permitted. Walk-up and drop-off only.

PJs Market (Absolutely no parking)

AM Departure9:00am
PM Return5:35pm
Absolutely no parking is allowed at PJs for this service.

Power Pass Resorts