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mtb rentals

Bikes lined up inside Cycle Works Bike Shop

Need a bike?

Cycle Works Bike Shop – 2nd floor, Village Center

Bike rentals, accessories and gear
[email protected]
Open daily June 15
9:30am to 5:00pm

Bike rentals are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive early for the best selection. Rentals include a full-face helmet, elbow/knee pads, and a chest protector.

All bikes come with a $150 damage waiver for repairs. That will cover damage caused by trail conditions, popped tires, broken levers, etc. If there are any damages accumulating to over $150, the rider will be held responsible for the cost of repairs and labor to get the bike back to safe working condition. Keep it on the trail and within your limits and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Adult Bike Rentals

BikeBike ImageFull Day1/2 Day (Starts at 1:30pm)
Rocky Mountain Altitude A30:
Often imitated but never surpassed, the Altitude pushes the envelope of what a modern trail bike is capable of.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 30


Devinci Chainsaw:
The perfect mix, the chainsaw is a high pivot enduro bike meant for charging downhill through the roots and ruts but will never shy away from a good climb.


Devinci Wilson GX DH:
Since storming the World Cup scene in 2011, Devinci’s flagship DH ride has set the bar for both innovation and inspiration. 

Wilson GX DH bike


Rocky Mountain Instinct:
Size XS only. (For those who do not fit the Altitude.)

With all the bells and whistles this bike is the perfect middle ground for the Reaper 26″ and the small Altitude. We only carry the XS size meaning this bike is perfect for the smaller rider who can’t quite fit the altitude but is too big for the Reaper 26″
Rocky Mountain Instinct




BikeBike ImageFull Day1/2 Day (Starts at 1:30pm)

Rocky Mountain Instinct
Powerplay A30
(Electric Pedal Assist)

Powerplay A30 bike



Kids’ Bike Rentals

BikeBike ImageFull Day1/2 Day (Starts at 1:30pm)

Rocky Mountain Growler 20″ Wheel:

Bike Growler 20



Rocky Mountain Reaper 24″ or 26″ Wheel:

Bike Reaper 24



Bike Repair

Tire/Wheel Repair

Tubeless Setup$20 + Parts
Tube Replacement$20 + Price of tube
Wheel Truing$40


Brake Pad Replacement$20 + Parts
Hydraulic Brake Bleed$35 Per lever
Brake Adjustment$20


Derailleur Adjustment$15
Hanger Alignment$10
Cable Replace w/ Adjustment$25

*Repairs not listed will be charged $80/hr flat rate

Rates are subject to resort fees and other taxes.

Rider Protection

Already own a bike? Stay protected in the bike park.

Package includes: Full face helmet, elbow and knee pads, and a chest protector.$20

Watch clips from the Big Mountain Enduro

biker riding downhill

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