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MTN Coaster Construction- July 11- WEB-15

Mountain Coaster Construction Update

Purgatory’s new mountain coaster is nearing completion! Construction crews are finishing track work, doing load tests and finalizing approvals ahead of the much-anticipated opening date, which is still unscheduled but slated for the summer operating season.

Located near Eolus Condominiums and Lift 4, the 4,000-foot long coaster will zoom passengers through nine switchbacks, one 360-degree circle and multiple dips while covering over 300 vertical feet. 

The mountain views will be extraordinary. The climbs and turns will be thrilling. As for the free fall drops? They may offer a memorable way to lose your lunch. 

Purgatory christened the newest attraction Inferno Mountain Coaster following a common theme unique to Purgatory: Dante’s Divine Comedy. READ: Durango Herald article about what else inspired trail names at Purgatory.

While mountain coaster sounds similar to alpine slide or roller coaster, it’s a totally unique experience: Inferno will have carts that are securely connected to rails – these carts (and their occupants!) will careen down on an elevated steel track. Riders will wind through the trees and over the mountainside while remaining securely on the track at all times (riders will wear seatbelts). What’s more is that these cars are “smart” – they include anti-collision programming.


Like Purgatory’s alpine slide, Inferno riders will control the speed of their individual car – which can reach up to 25 miles per hour! So, whether you want to take your time while taking in the mountain views or want to go all out and reach top speeds, you will love this new way to experience Purgatory Resort. 

Our Total Adventure Ticket and Summer Adventure Passes will include access to this headlining attraction.

Stay tuned for more updates!