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Learn About the Durango Mountain Club (DMC)

Who are Durango Mountain Club members?

Durango Mountain Club (DMC) members are individuals, couples and families just like you who seek to make Purgatory Resort their home away from home, and the Club community their second family. Club members are Purgatory Resort homeowners or Resort users who desire the convenience and amenities the Club provides.

What are the amenities and benefits of Club membership?

  • Access to DMC facilities, including: heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, day spa and fitness center, family-friendly lounge and family game room, social facilities, and locker room
  • Equipment storage
  • Free pass to Purgatory’s NASTAR race arena
  • Discounts on on-mountain dining, rentals, lessons and retail merchandise
  • Charging privileges with Durango Mountain Club Card
  • Invitations to DMC-sponsored activities and social events

When is the Club open?

DMC is open year-round and from 7:30 am to 9 pm every day. (Shoulder season closures are scheduled for deep cleaning and renovations.)

What social events and activities does DMC host?

DMC sponsors social events and activities to build community among Club members, including pool parties, family fun nights, seasonal celebrations, and other social gatherings.

Can the pool and spa facilities be used in the winter?

Yes. The Club’s heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub are open year-round. Enjoy the water slide and heated pavers, too.

Is the Club an equity or non-equity club?

Membership is non-equity. Members may sell their Membership back to the Club and receive a percentage refund of their initiation fee when that Membership is resold to a new Member. Members are permitted to sell or transfer their Membership only through the Club.

Are guests of DMC members able to use Club facilities?

Yes. Guests are allowed access to all DMC facilities when accompanied by a Club member.

Are Corporate or Partnership Memberships available?

Memberships may be issued in the name of a corporation or partnership at the discretion of Club Management.

How much does Club membership cost?

One-time initiation fees range from $6,000 to $13,000 and are paid up front. Membership dues range from $55 to $110 monthly, and are billed annually. Payment plans are available.
Family Membership initiation fee: $13,000 monthly dues: $110
Couples Membership initiation fee: $9,000 monthly dues: $82.50
Single Membership initiation fee: $6,000 monthly dues: $55

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