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When is The Best Time to Ski?

Skiers and snowboards wait to board lift 3

Who doesn’t love that sweet sweet feeling of carving down the mountain with no distractions? Or skiing right up to the lift like you own it?! For those of you who like your peace and quiet, we’ve got the ultimate guide for avoiding those pesky lift lines and finding the best time to ski.

The busiest times?


Arguably the largest factor of busy-ness at any given ski resort is what day you decide to ski. Some times of the year are just inherently busier than others. For example, have you ever between Christmas and New Year’s? This tends to be one of our busiest times of the year.

We recommend that if you want to avoid crowds, go a little before or after the peak holiday season. The week after new years is bound to be much quieter than the week before. 


Any given weekend will most likely be much busier than the days before; that is often the only time people are available to ski! So if you’re trying to get some quieter turns in, we’d recommend visiting during the week instead. Remember: The snow falls during the week too!

skiers mingle and wait for friends at the base of the mountain

What can you do?

Get a weekday season pass

Do you work on the weekends? Is Sunday Night Football calling your name? Are you a part of a relentless book club that only meets on Saturdays? Well, we’ve got the pass for you!

The Weekday Season Pass is a discounted pass that is valid on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and comes with six 25% off online tickets to share with friends and family. You’ll have the mountain to yourself and you’ll save some money! Sounds like a win win!

Take advantage of dynamic ticket pricing

If you decide to ski during less busier periods, you’ll likely get a sweet deal! With dynamic ticket pricing, lift ticket prices will fluctuate depending on the demand for them. So if you decide to ski during the week, you could save some real money!

Show Up Early

The early bird gets the worm! If grabbing some fresh turns is what you’re into, then being at the mountain 30 minutes to an hour before the lift starts spinning is vital — especially on powder days. 

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