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QUIZ: Which Season Pass Is Right for You?

Skier in yellow and orange skiing down a groomer run

Take our quiz to find your perfect season pass option.

Purgatory Resort is excited to offer multiple season pass options. From the classic Power Pass that offers unrestricted access at all collective resorts to the NEW Power Pass Select, you have a wide range of season pass options to choose from. While each pass is unique, it can be tough to make the right choice. To help narrow your selection, either take this short quiz or start here with just one, simple question: 

How often do you want to ski?

I want unlimited access every day, everywhere!

The Power Pass is our best pass. It comes with unlimited ski days (no blackout dates) at Purgatory and every Power Pass mountain, plus unlimited uplift access at Spider Mountain Bike Park. What’s more: if you buy this pass by May 21, you’ll get 3 FREE days of mountain bike uplifts at each bike park for summer 2021: Purgatory, Brian Head and Pajarito.

I want to ski 12 times or less including weekends.

The Power Pass Select offers 12 restricted* days that are shared between Purgatory and Snowbowl (use all 12 at Purgatory, or 7 at Purgatory and 5 at Snowbowl, or any combination). Plus, get unlimited access to the rest of the Power Pass mountains (Hesperus, Brian Head, Nordic Valley, Sipapu and Spider Mountain Bike Park) and a whole slew of benefits.

I want to ski weekdays only.

Weekday Pass

Purgatory offers a popular weekday pass that allows for restricted* weekday access at Purgatory only. 

  • Blackout dates: Saturdays-Sundays, 12/26/22-12/30/22
  • Six 25% off online Purgatory tickets

I want to ski Purgatory only and on weekends, too.

Purgatory offers two passes for Purgatory only:

The Parent Share pass allows two parents (with kids ages 3 and younger) to share one pass, no blackout dates to Purgatory only.

  • Unlimited skiing at Purgatory for the 2022/2023 winter season  
  • Six online Purgatory tickets at 25% off 
  • Not eligible for summer benefits

Active Duty Value Pass; valid for full-time, active duty service men and women. This no-frills pass offers restricted* access at Purgatory only.

  • Active duty only: not valid for dependents, reserves, National Guard, retired military or veterans
  • *Blackout dates: 12/26/22-1/1/23, 1/14/23-1/15/23, 2/18/23-2/19/23
  • Not eligible for partner resort benefits

Still have questions? Take this short quiz or contact us at [email protected]

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