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Section 5B

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B.  Time.  There shall be no limit on the amount of time that an Owner may reserve use of his/her unit/home for use by him/herself, his/her family, and his/her Owner’s Guests, provided that the Owner shall notify Purgatory in writing (via fax, email or mail) a minimum of ninety (90) days in advance of the intended start date of the Owner’s stay.  This notice shall specify whether the Owner’s intent is to occupy the unit/home personally or to permit Guest of the Owner to occupy the unit/home.  In the case of intended use during any holiday period (Christmas to New Year’s week, Presidents’ weekend or the peak Spring Break week), Owner shall give Purgatory a minimum of 120 days written advance notice.  Purgatory will provide Owner Reservation Forms so that the Owner can provide Purgatory with written notice of reservation requests both for Owners and Guests of Owners.  In the event Purgatory has rented the unit/home prior to receiving notice from the Owner, Purgatory shall first attempt to find alternative accommodations for the renter, if requested to do so by the Owner.  If such alternative accommodations cannot be found, the Owner must make alternative arrangements for the time desired.  Should the unit/home be unoccupied during any period, Owner may reserve his unit/home regardless of time notification.  Owner recognizes that reservations made by Purgatory have priority over use of unit/home by the Owner’s family or Owner’s Guests.  Owner reservations are confirmed to Owner when a written confirmation notice is sent by Purgatory acknowledging the Owner’s reservation, and not before.  In the absence of a written acknowledgment of the Owner’s reservation, as provided herein, Purgatory shall be authorized to reserve the rental of the unit/home by Guests.