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Waffle Cabin

Waffle Cabin – The Beach (between Lift 1 & Lift 4)

Hot waffles and snacks on The Beach 
Starting November 20th | Open 7 Days a Week, 10:00am-4:30pm
Come sit and enjoy our fire every day at 11:00am

New: The Waffle Cabin is now serving 81301 Coffee and Durango Artisan Food’s Baked Goods

(970) 247-9000  ext 17444

Waffle Cabin is now hiring! Volunteers are welcome too.
If interested please call Tonia at 513-675-8000
Waffle Cabin in the snow

Come check out the Waffle Cabin on The Beach at Purgatory! Located between Lifts 1 & 4, the Waffle Cabin serves up hot delicious Belgian waffles with warm drizzled special chocolate. The Waffle Cabin offers a variety of grab & go options including hot and cold beverages, snacks, and some gluten-free options available (waffles are not gluten-free).  

Early Bird Waffles
8:30AM –  10:30AM  $5.00
Seasonal Waffles
10:30AM – 4:30PM  $7.00
Hot Beverages:
Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Hot Tea, and Hot Coffee
Cold Beverages:
Smart water Flip-top, Sodas, and Powerade
Granola Bars, Oatmeal, Pop-Tarts, Rice Crispy Treats, Ramon Noodles & Mac n Cheese.
Hot Hands
Meet the Team!
Lisa, Tatum, Shawn, Jenna, Marion, and Tonia